Statistics Update Date

In order to determine the datetime that the statistics of an index where last updated the STATS_DATE function can be used.  Below is an example to determine when the statistics were last updated for the Primary Key (PK_Orders) on the Orders Table.

SELECT STATS_DATE(object_id(‘orders’), INDEXPROPERTY(OBJECT_ID(‘orders’), ‘PK_Orders’, ‘indexid’))

Microsoft Business Score Card Manager

If you are using or looking to use SQL Server Analysis Services to measure Key Perfromance Indicators then Microsoft Business Score Card Manager may be worth a look. “Microsoft Business Score Card Manager is a new server-based business performance management scorecard application that leverages the power of the Microsoft Office System to help organizations build, manage and use scorecards and key performance indicators (KPIs), and perform deep analysis–all within an intuitive, collaborative environment.” For more information refer to

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Upgrade Advisor

The Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Upgrade Advisor is a tool that can be used to analyze a SQL Server 7.0 or 2000 database servers in preparation for upgrading to SQL Server 2005.  The Upgrade Advisor analyzes the configurations providing reports that identify deprecated features and necessary configuration changes that will impact a database upgrade process.