Twitter Trends

Did know that according to Twitter Trends there were 78 Tweets with the #auteched hashtag at 12pm on the 23rd of August?

For Microsoft TechEd Australia the team at WARDY IT Solutions have delivered a showcase application that illustrates how the power of Business Intelligence in SQL Server 2008 R2 can be combined with an engaging, interactive user experience using Silverlight.

Twitter Trends is a Silverlight application that displays real-time analytics from Twitter. It shows the number of tweets per hour and the number of tweets over the last 7 days as well as whom the top tweeters are on a given topic. This solution can be used to analyse Twitter to see what the social influence of any topic is.

You can experience this Business Intelligence solution here –

2 Speakers at TechEd Australia

Microsoft TechEd Australia is Australia’s largest annual technology event.

WARDY IT Solutions is proud to announce that they will have two speakers presenting at this cutting edge technical conference. Peter Ward and Peter O’Gorman will both be delivering some of their insights and knowledge that they have from working with some of the largest SQL Server sites in Australia.