Virtual DBA iPhone & iPad Application

WARDY IT Solutions is proud to announce the release of the Virtual DBA application for the iPhone and iPad. This mobile interface provides you the freedom to easily see the status of your SQL Server topology at any time beyond the limits of your desktop.

The Virtual DBA service provides a cost effective solution to meet the day-to-day challenges of monitoring, availability, performance and administration of your organisation’s critical Microsoft SQL Server databases.

The innovations with the Virtual DBA iPhone and iPad application are just another reason that WARDY IT Solutions Virtual DBA service has received so many industry accolades and awards. These awards include the Virtual DBA service being named one of Australia’s 100 most innovative products by Anthill Magazine and a finalist in the Best Vendor Tech Support in the 2011 SQL Server Magazine Community Choice Awards.

The iPhone and iPad application is a complimentary value-add that is part of the Virtual DBA service.

You can install the Virtual DBA application by searching for WARDY IT Solutions in the Apple App Store.  Alternatively you can access the application using the following URL –

To find out more about how the Virtual DBA service can assist with the management of your SQL Server topology, why not contact the largest and most awarded SQL Server specialists in Australia, WARDY IT Solutions.

SQL Server 2012 Licensing Changes

Today Microsoft announced the changes in licensing that will be introduced in the next release of SQL Server, SQL Server 2012. SQL Server 2012 was previously code-named ‘Denali’ and is scheduled for release in the first half of 2012.

These licensing changes include simplifying the number of different Editions by eliminating the following SKU’s:

  • Datacenter – These features will now be available in Enterprise Edition
  • Workgroup – Standard Edition will replace Workgroup Edition
  • Standard for Small Business – Standard Edition will replace this

The licensing changes also see the introduction of a Business Intelligence SKU which is a brand new SKU that is being introduced for the first time in SQL Server 2012. The Business Intelligence SKU provides all of the SQL Server 2012 Standard Edition functionality and also includes Power View (code-named “Crescent”), reporting and analytics, data-quality services and master-data services. A full breakdown of functionality by each SQL Server 2012 Edition can be found here.

With SQL Server 2012, Microsoft will offer three licensing options:

  • Core-based Licensing for Enterprise Edition
  • Server + CAL (Client Access License) licensing for Business Intelligence Edition
  • A Choice of core-based licensing or Server + CAL licensing for Standard Edition

Details of the costs of each these licensing options in $USD can be found in the SQL Server 2012 licensing datasheet.

Detailed answers to many common questions about the SQL Server 2012 licensing can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions about SQL Server 2012 Editions and Licensing

To help you understand these licensing changes and what they mean for your organisation WARDY IT Solutions has designed a licensing review specifically for SQL Server 2012.