Virtual SQL Server solution

A prize-winning Australian IT firm is offering a virtual SQL Server DBA service that will allow businesses to focus on sales strategy rather than on the time-consuming tasks involved with database administration.

WARDY IT Solutions was recently awarded the 2011 Microsoft Data Platform Partner of the Year award on the back of their Virtual DBA service being named one of Australia’s 100 most innovative products by Anthill Magazine.

Running SQL Server database servers on a daily basis can consume considerable staff resources, so many companies have switched from in-house administration to DBA outsourcing providers.

DBA outsourcing reduces costs

With the Australian and world economies still facing economic uncertainty, enterprises are looking at ways to reduce costs and to increase efficiency. Database administration outsourcing provides an excellent way to reduce internal expenses.

The Virtual DBA service works in the following ways:

• WARDY IT Solutions experienced database professionals remotely monitor their clients’ SQL Server databases on a 24/7 basis.

• The administration team immediately reports any database issues along with possible impacts.

• The team offers solutions on how issues can be resolved.

• Clients have 24/7 access to the Database Administrators team.

• Each client has a database expert that is thoroughly familiar with the client’s organisation.

Virtual DBA allows clients to lower costs in terms of their IT professional staff by allowing remote administration of their SQL Server databases.

Save on training and turnover costs

Rather than having to train in-house IT staff to run company databases, Virtual DBA allows a team of seasoned database specialists to handle all SQL Server administration tasks. In many cases, companies may find they do not have the expertise to handle particularly difficult database problems.

With Virtual DBA, companies will have a team that works on database administration on a full-time basis and that can handle even “worse case” scenarios.

Another problem that companies face with in-house database administration is the need to fill positions due to employee turnover. As technical staff leave the company for positions elsewhere, the search for replacements can be tedious and resource-consuming.

WARDY IT Solutions Virtual DBA service removes all these staffing headaches so that organisations can concentrate on what they do best.

One of Australia’s most innovative products

The business innovation publication Anthill Magazine chose Virtual DBA as one of its “Smart 100” products in May 2011. The Smart 100 are the most innovative products in Australia for the year awarded.

The magazine review states: “WARDY IT Solutions Virtual DBA service is a cost-effective solution to meet the day-to-day challenges of availability, performance and administration of an organisation’s critical Microsoft SQL Server databases.”

Features of WARDY IT Solutions innovative solution include:

• 24/7 monitoring of databases

• Database Backup

• Performance Monitoring

• 24/7 priority access to database specialist team

• Database Planning

• Database Index Maintenance

• Database Security

• Database Tracking and Reporting

2011 Data Platform Partner of the Year

Winning an award by Microsoft as a 2011 Data Platform Partner of the Year provides further confirmation of the effectiveness of the Virtual DBA solution.

The much coveted award is given to Microsoft partners who develop highly innovative and successful solutions based on the Microsoft Data Platform. Customers can be assured that the product provides a top-rated solution for database administration outsourcing.

Specifically, WARDY IT Solutions solution was recognized for its cutting-edge handling of SQL Server security problems such as meeting regulatory compliance, warding off insider threats and enforcement of separation of duty.

Lauded by customers

In addition to winning recognition through awards by Anthill Magazine and Microsoft Company, WARDY IT Solutions Virtual DBA service has also garnered praise from customers who have benefited from this outsourcing product.

One client testimonial reads: “We no longer needed to empty our own waste paper baskets. We know data management is important but it is the most effective use of the limited internal skills and resources we have. By leveraging the Virtual DBA service we can now provide business value rather than just taking out the trash.”

Financial company Wilson HTM was impressed how Virtual DBA allowed them to employ best practices in database administration through outsourcing while allowing them to concentrate on their own company’s specialisation.

About WARDY IT Solutions

One of Australia’s leading SQL Server consultation companies, WARDY IT Solutions has been recognised through numerous prestigious awards and through the testimonials of its customers.

Lead by Chief Technical Architect Peter Ward, the company provides SQL Server consultation, training and business intelligence. Ward is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and the Australian Institute of Management. He is a much sought-after speaker on SQL Server technology and he was awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for his expertise and his dedication to the SQL Server Community.

Some of the recognition that WARDY IT Solutions has received includes:

• 2011 Winner Microsoft Australia Data Platform Partner of the Year

• 2011 Finalist for the QLD AIIA iAwards

• 2010 Finalist for the QLD ACS Award for Service Delivery & Training

• 2010 Finalist for the QLD AIIA iAwards

• 2009 Winner Microsoft Australia Data Management Partner of the Year Award

• 2009 Finalist for the QLD ACS Award for Service Delivery & Training

The company was also ranked the 165th Fastest Growing Technology Company on the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific 2010 list.

WARDY IT Solutions head office is located at Level 2, 21 Quay Street, Brisbane QLD 4000, Australia. The head office phone number is 1300 927 394.