WARDY IT Solutions announces The Break Free Alliance for organisations wishing to transition away from an Oracle database environment

The Break Free Alliance is a source of information and support for organisations wishing to transition away from Oracle. Palisade Compliance and WARDY IT Solutions announced The Break Free Alliance in April 2018.

The Break Free Alliance was formed by Palisade Compliance and WARDY IT Solutions to cover all aspects of making the move – including legal, financial and technical. This partnership provides one-stop support for organisations facing the decision to move, compared to other organisations that deal with only legal, only financial or only technical aspects of transitioning from one database environment to another.

The Break Free Alliance will be providing resources on their website – https://breakfreefromoracle.com/ – including the ‘Oracle to SQL Server Whitepaper: The Commercial, Contractual and Technical Considerations’ aimed at DBAs in organisations thinking about moving away from the Oracle environment.

The Break Free Alliance are currently offering a complementary contract review and migration workshop for those considering the move. This will help customers work out if a migration (complete or partial) is right for them and understand how to handle relationships with Oracle. The Break Free Alliance assists with licensing, how to save, migration planning, the migration itself and post migrations support.

About WARDY IT Solutions

WARDY IT Solutions was founded in 2004 by Microsoft Valued Professional (MVP), Peter Ward. Today, WARDY IT Solutions is recognised as Australia’s leading provider of Microsoft Data Platform consultants, trainers and Data Analytics specialists.

As well as winning a MAPA award since 2009 the company won the 2013 Microsoft Global Data Platform Partner of the Year Award, and the HP and Microsoft Frontline Partner Award in 2016. Their Virtual DBA service has been recognised by the AIIA National iAwards and Anthill Top 100 SMART Innovation Index.

Lead by Founder and Managing Director Peter Ward, the company specialises in enabling clients to make the most of their investment in data assets through innovative Microsoft Data Platform and Data Analytics solutions, managed services and training.


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About Palisade Compliance

Palisade Compliance APAC’s unmatched Oracle licensing and contractual knowledge is supported by a combined 170 years of experience among the extended global team. Palisade Compliance is proud to be independent and pro-client. Our motto is and will always be, “Palisade clients first.”

Our APAC head office is based in Wellington, New Zealand. By embracing modern technologies and by being available in person as needed, we provide our services effortlessly across the region.


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