WARDY IT Solutions implement Virtual DBA with Silver Chef Limited to optimise databases

WARDY IT Solutions’ Virtual DBA service allowed Silver Chef Limited to shift their focus to other areas of importance in the company. 24/7 support and monitoring means The Silver Chef Group can relax knowing their database needs are being met.

BRISBANE 26 September 2017 – WARDY IT Solutions ( http://www.wardyit.com ) have been providing the Virtual DBA service to The Silver Chef Group, an ASX registered company, for 5 years, allowing the Silver Chef team to concentrate on more strategic operations.

The Silver Chef Group provide equipment funding solutions for the hospitality, transport and construction industries.

Vinnie D’Alessandro, Head of Technology at Silver Chef Group, said “We’ve got a fantastic relationship with the WARDY IT team and our operational team. It’s more of a partnership than it is a transactional relationship so we’ve got this very wonderful trust between our two businesses where I understand our business well and we trust the service they provide.”

The Silver Chef Group is a very data-driven organisation so having their databases and the infrastructure around it operating effectively is of high importance.

Leveraging WARDY IT’s Virtual DBA service has allowed The Silver Chef Group to scale up their capabilities in the administration area without putting on internal staff.

Vinnie D’Alessandro said “Being able to use WARDY IT’s experience and scale to support our business just made financial sense. The Virtual DBA service has really given us a lot of confidence to know that our databases are going to be available and performing at their optimum level. That provides us a capability to focus on our future state for the business and more strategic operations.”

Being an Australian grown organisation, The Silver Chef Group felt it was fantastic to be able to partner with WARDY IT, another Australian success story. “It’s fantastic for our relationship to have the same set of core values. It strengthens our partnership.”

WARDY IT Solutions takes care of The Silver Chef Group’s databases so they can take care of the rest and shift focus to other areas of importance in the company. The ability to outsource this service gives companies freedom to turn their attention elsewhere while things run smoothly in the background. The WARDY IT Solutions Virtual DBA service includes 24/7 support and monitoring, which means The Silver Chef Group can relax knowing their database needs are being met every step of the way.

Watch the full case study video to see how Virtual DBA service works for The Silver Chef Group.

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As well as winning a MAPA award since 2009 the company won the 2013 Microsoft Global Data Platform Partner of the Year Award, and the HP and Microsoft Frontline Partner Award in 2016. Their Virtual DBA service has been recognised by the AIIA National iAwards and Anthill Top 100 SMART Innovation Index.

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