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March 2020 Roundup: Migrating to Azure, SQL Server Safety Check, When to use SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines


Despite all the work we have done helping respond to COVID-19 we know many clients need further assistance. To assist clients, we are providing Cloud Beacon as a complimentary service for the length of the pandemic.

February 2020 Roundup: Azure Managed Instance, Azure SQL Database Healthcheck and ADF Deployment with DevOps

february 2020 sql roundup

My wife and I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl 3 weeks ago. Whilst in the hospital chatting to the nursing staff about our previous experiences with our first born, they described our two daughters as same same but different. Previously I associated this phrase with being in a marketplace haggling for something, however I thought it was a very adept way of describing the situation.

WARDY IT Solutions joining MOQ Limited

WARDY IT Solutions joining MOQ Limited

The team at WARDY IT Solutions is excited and proud to announce the purchase of WARDY IT Solutions by MOQ Limited (ASX: MOQ). As well as being a fantastic strategic fit and natural next step in our mission to help organisations unlock the value in their business data, MOQ provide the perfect acceleration towards the vision we set out over a decade ago – A World Empowered by Data.