Azure Illuminate

Let WARDY IT Solutions quickly and seamlessly migrate your SQL Server workloads to the cloud.

Questions about migrating your SQL Servers to Microsoft Azure?

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Who is Azure illuminate for?

Organisations on SQL Server 2008 and below

As each version reaches End-of-Life you’re concerned about support ending and interested in 3 years free support
extension available through Azure Illuminate.

Organisations with minimal cloud footprint

You know that cloud is the future but your organisation has so far not taken the leap. You’re interested in a quick route to establishing some core workloads in the cloud.

Organisations aiming to modernise their data platform

Analytics and data have the power to transform the way your business competes and remains profitable. You’re interested in setting up your data infrastruce now to enable future data-led business decsions.

Why Azure Illuminate?

Azure Illuminate allows you to establish a meaningful presence for your SQL Server environment in the World’s leading cloud infrastructure – Microsoft Azure – without needing to perform a full cloud migration.

Affordable, quick and empowering for your business – Azure Illuminate ensures that shifting your SQL Server presence to Azure has never been simpler.

Azure Illuminate will allow you to:

Up to $50k towards Azure Illuminate by WARDY IT Solutions

For a limited time we can help minimise or even eliminate your upfront costs of migration by giving you access to up to $50,000 funding to assist with your Azure Illuminate implementation.

I’ve got questions about Azure Illuminate

If you’ve got any questions or are interested to find out more about unlocking the power of SQL Server through Microsoft Azure then talk to one of our specialists to help inform your research.



Regardless of what stage in the Azure migration process you’re up to, we can help you understand your current SQL Server capabilities and how to unlock their true potential. Check out these great resources: