10 Misconceptions of Hiring a Virtual DBA

10 misconceptions of hiring a Virtual DBA

Leaving your mission critical databases in the hands of a third party can be daunting. With the right service provider, there’s no need to be concerned.

At WARDY IT Solutions, our objective is to allow our customers to totally forget about their SQL Server environment. We know that might sound hard to believe but after reading this post, you’ll understand why the Virtual DBA Service is different.

#1: I’ll need to sack my DBAs

#2: I can’t trust external consultants with company data and servers

trust external consultants with company data and servers

#3: My IT team won’t know what’s happening with our databases

#4: I’ll be tied into a long term contract

#5: Virtual DBAs are reactive not proactive

#6: A Virtual DBA will cost me more in the long run

#7: I’ll have to permanently upgrade my plan to cover short term work

#8: A different person will be working on my database every week

#9: I’ll lose visibility of my servers

#10: I won’t get my money’s worth


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