33 Point SQL Server Safety Check

If you are about to embark on a long car journey you will normally get a safety inspection performed on the car to ensure that the tyre pressure, suspension and other key components are working 100%. The last thing you want to worry about is the stress and inconvenience of the car breaking down, especially with the family on-board. Well why should your database platform be any different?

The WARDY IT Solutions 33 Point SQL Server Safety Check leaves nothing to chance. Carried out by a Microsoft Certified SQL Server specialists the SQL Server Safety Check is designed to review the critical components of your Microsoft SQL Server platform. A comprehensive written report is provided as part of the Safety Check that shows the current status of all the vital SQL Server Best Practices. Following the check, a SQL Server expert from WARDY IT Solutions will identify any immediate work required plus advice on when any additional remediation work should be carried out in the future: ensuring the Availability, Reliability and Scalability of your SQL Server platform.

Can your organisation afford not to protect it’s data with a 33 Point SQL Server Safety Check?