Case Study: How WARDY’s Virtual DBA brings food to Aussies’ doors

COUNTRYWIDE Virtual DBA Case Study

Executive Summary

A lunch-order application that continually crashed was just one issue that convinced food service distributor Countrywide they needed an IT partner with SQL Server experience who could help them manage the moving parts of their business quickly and efficiently. This included monitoring orders, stock levels, invoices and compliance. They found the perfect solution in the shape of WARDY IT Solutions’ Virtual DBA service which has helped Countrywide step up and gain control of their data, as well as deliver exceptional customer service to their clients.

At a glance, WARDY IT Solutions delivered:

  • Lack of outages: With the Virtual DBA service and Countrywide’s application teams working side by side, any encryption or outage issues have been easily identified and resolved as soon as possible. WARDY IT Solutions were quick to notify Ali Badr, the IT Manager at Countrywide, on multiple occasions when an outage could have occurred, preventing any major issues arising.
  • Greater efficiency: The multiple teams that work together to make sure Countrywide’s application and systems are running smoothly, have become more efficient now that the knowledge gap around SQL Server has been filled. Ali said there is so much trust in the Virtual DBA team, that “Our application team are becoming totally dependent on WARDY IT Solutions.”
  • Increased productivity: With 24/7 access to the Virtual DBA team, Ali and his team were freed up to concentrate on other business focus areas and could leave the SQL Server migration and any issues that arose to the experts.
  • Access to reporting: Performance reports are easily accessible for Ali and his team to assess if Countrywide’s servers are performing as they should and if there is a risk of an outage happening.

Distributors and customers have noticed that Countrywide’s system doesn’t have downtime and outages anymore, and is running a lot smoother. Ali says whereas the system used to be unpredictable – whereby anything could go wrong, not just with the apps – it now runs exactly as it should.

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