Case Study: WARDY IT Solutions’ SQL Server Collaboration with Hema Maps

Hema Maps Collaborates with WARDY IT Solutions

WARDY IT Solutions’ SQL Server Collaboration is a “Perfect Fit” for Publisher Hema Maps

Executive Summary

Hema Maps’ three decades of accumulated knowledge represents the organisation’s valuation of its market value and commercial worth. Protecting this business intellectual property (IP) was of concern to Hema’s executive team and the means to improve how this valuable repository was protected were sought. Technology partner WARDY IT Solutions were asked to help design a new backup and archive structure and to define a security model to oversee which personnel could access, modify, delete or remove data. WARDY IT Solutions key deliverable was to design procedures that adhered with industry-based best practices and to simplify how Hema protected its digital assets. By taking this approach, Hema’s technology and business goals would align more closely and a future-ready framework would be created that could easily integrate with technology upgrades. Hema’s leadership team were concerned about information security, and by clearly defining who could read, modify or remove data, company policies could be rigidly enforced based on the employees’ roles and responsibilities. This would ensure that digital assets could be safeguarded more effectively.

The backup and archive solution deployed by Hema more effectively protected company information from data loss and the security model requires no intervention to protect the integrity of Hema’s intellectual property.

At a glance, the solution delivered:

  • Updated systems protect and secure more than 30 years of Hema’s accrued Intellectual Property
  • Hema’s SQL Server environment is stable, reliable and ready to meet new business demands
  • SQL Server systems and processes are all built using industry best practice guidelines with an eye to future development
  • Resilient backup and archiving guarantees no more than 15 minutes of data loss in the event of an unplanned outage
  • WARDY IT provides mentoring and third-level support to ensure Hema realises the best return from their Microsoft SQL Server investment

The solution helped Hema’s SQL Server production database environment to be stable, resilient and serves as the “Single Point of Truth” – a validated knowledge repository that consolidates all of the organisation’s data into a single location. This agglomeration of knowledge eases the burden of management improving productivity, minimises the risk of data duplication and simplifies lifecycle management of the dynamic data that forms the core of Hema’s IP.

Download the full case study here.