Data Vault Training & Certification in Australia

Data Vault Training & Certification in Australia

Data Vault is the latest and most optimised methodology for managing data warehouses and it is rapidly becoming the standard modeling approach overseas and in Australia.

Taking inspiration from Agile working methodologies, Data Vault is a hybrid approach to data modeling and analysis.

We recently teamed up with Genesee Academy to bring Data Vault training to cities across Australia, so you can get certified and become an expert in this approach.

The Benefits Of Data Vault Modeling

Data Vault modeling is designed to:

  • Provide historical storage of data coming from multiple systems
  • Provide a way of looking at data to deal with issues such as auditing, tracing, loading speed and resilience to change as well as data source
  • Enable auditors to trace values back to the source.

Who Needs Data Vault?

Data Vault modeling will be of interest to a range of data professionals, including:

  • Data warehousing and business intelligence professionals
  • Data modelers
  • Data architects
  • Model managers
  • Data warehouse DBAs
  • ETL professionals.

Even program managers, analysts, information modelers and architects, and data scientists should be learning about Data Vault, as it closely aligns with aspects of data warehouse and business intelligence methods (DWBI).

How Can My Team Learn More About Data Vault?

WARDY IT Solutions and Genesee Academy have teamed up to launch Data Vault training in cities across Australia. Training courses will impart expert knowledge and allow you to become a certified Data Vault modeler.

Course Details

The three-day Data Vault course will cover:

  • Modeling constructs and patterns
  • Applying Data Vault principles to your DWBI program
  • Loading paradigms
  • Architectures
  • How to develop an effective Data Vault data warehouse program.

See more course details, make an enquiry and book your training here.