DNRTV with Adam Cogan

I have recently been re-listening to some of the older .Net Rocks (http://www.dotnetrocks.com) episodes whilst travelling to a remote client site and one of the suggestions on episode #93 was for an ‘audio shootout’ to review the most popular ASP.Net controls available. Well the previous DNRTV episode (http://dnrtv.com/default.aspx?showID=17) with Adam Cogan from SSW does just that.

It is always good for someone who has used all of the controls to review them unbiasedly, as the problem with reviews of third-party controls is the best review typically goes to the sponsor of the review. In this DNRTV episode Adam isn’t afraid to speak his mind on some of the benefits as well as the limitations of most of the popular ASP.Net controls available for Grids, Treeviews and Datepickers. If you are looking at purchasing a Third-Party ASP.Net control then you shouldn’t miss this episode of DNRTV as it might save you from shelling out for a control only to find out that it doesn’t cut the mustard.