February 2018 Roundup

February 2018 Roundup WARDY IT Solutions

As someone who has recently moved to a new house, I am well aware of the effort involved to move from one location to another. Despite the effort, it was certainly worthwhile; we now have more space, a pool and great local cafes in walking distance.

Before moving, there is often an inclination to stay where you are and try to make the best of the existing facilities, even once you’ve outgrown them. Like moving house, migrating to a modern data platform can seem overwhelming. This is the number one reason many organisations persist with running legacy versions of SQL Server that often no longer meet their business requirements.

WARDY IT Solutions has helped countless organisations take advantage of the features a modern SQL Server and Azure platform provides. To continue with the analogy, we help you find the perfect home within budget, pack your belongings, move them to your new home and unpack just the way you like it.

If your data platform is struggling to meet your business requirements, get in touch today to find out how we can help significantly reduce both the cost and effort required for a successful modernisation.

Insights for the status of your SQL Servers

We know how important it is for our customers to maintain full visibility of their database environment. With the Virtual DBA service, we look after countless SQL Server environments on behalf of organisations around the world.

We have developed the My Virtual DBA™ portal to provide our Virtual DBA customers a deep insight into the status of their SQL Server environment, at no additional cost. Learn more.

Monitor Availability Group Latency

SQL Server Management Studio (17.4 and above) has introduced the Availability Group Latency data collection and reporting which is built into the Availability Group dashboard. This new feature provides an easy way to understand the time spent during the various phases of the Log Transport process and diagnose latency. Find out more.

Modernisation with Azure SQL Managed Instance

The introduction of Azure SQL Managed Instance simplifies the ability to migrate to Azure, whilst providing all the benefits of PaaS. Unlike Azure SQL Database, the new Managed Instance provides all of the instance level configurations that you know and love. Learn more.

Our Partnership with Red Hat

This month, we announced our partnership with Linux technology experts Red Hat. As the world’s leading provider of open source solutions for enterprise, Red Hat understands the need for optimising the IT you already have and integrating catered solutions to get the most out of your data. Our partnership provides more options for those wanting to run SQL Server 2017 on the Linux platform as well as on other platforms and in other languages.

Training & Certification: Data Vault Modeling in Melbourne

Data Vault modeling is rapidly becoming the standard modeling approach for data warehouses. We’ve teamed up with Genesee Academy to bring Data Vault training to Melbourne, 21st-23rd March.

This three-day course will guide you through the Data Vault modeling approach from modelling constructs and patterns to applying data vault principles in your DWBI program. We’ll cover loading paradigms, architectures and how to develop an effective overall Data Vault data warehouse program.

Azure Data Lake Analytics

Azure Data Lake Analytics is an on-demand analytics job service to power intelligent action. This platform enables you to easily develop and run massively parallel data transformation and processing programs in U-SQL, R, Python and .NET over petabytes of data. With no infrastructure to manage, you can process data on demand, scale instantly and only pay per job. Find out more.

Azure SQL Database vs. SQL Server

Azure SQL Database shares a common code base with SQL Server and, at the database level, supports most of the same features. Use the following ready reference guide to identify the major feature differences between Azure SQL Database and SQL Server.