February 2019 Roundup

February 2019 SQL Server Round up post

This week I have joined the WARDY IT Solutions team at SQLBits in Manchester to launch SQL Beacon in EMEA. SQL Beacon™ is the underlying technology that powers our award-winning Virtual DBA service.

There are countless differentiators between the Virtual DBA service and other monitoring and support options and SQL Beacon plays a large part of this. WARDY IT Solutions has developed SQL Beacon from the ground up to proactively manage not only SQL Server but the entire Microsoft Data Estate and Azure Data Services. We have a team of developers that is 100% dedicated to continuing to increase the surface area of the product and we are excited by the opportunity to empower other managed services practices in EMEA with SQL Beacon.

Azure Navigator: A supported and flexible pathway to the cloud

As Microsoft plan to decommission support for SQL Server 2008/R2 by early July, WARDY IT Solutions are committing over $2 million to migrate and modernise your environment to Azure with our Azure Navigator program. The offer is limited to the first 50 organisations who register so if you’re considering a move to the cloud, register now!

Why bother with SQL Server Patching?

While many organisations have a roadmap to migrate to Azure or modernise to supported versions of SQL Server, there are others, that for various reasons, will need to maintain legacy versions. If you’re planning to keep your 2008/R2 SQL Servers as they are come July 2019, check out our latest post on the importance of patching.

Guide to NoSQL with Cosmos DB

In this free eBook you will learn everything you need to get started building responsive, mission-critical using NoSQL with Azure Cosmos DB. Learn how to use multimodel NoSQL database capabilities in the cloud, build your app, and then take it global. Find Azure Cosmos DB tutorials and practical examples, plus tips and tricks – view the guide.

Migrate Azure SQL Database to Azure SQL Managed Instance

The latest version of SQLPackage supports migration to Azure SQL Managed Instance (MI) from multiple SQL sources including Azure SQL Database. You can follow-up these easy step by step instructions to easily migrate your SQL Server workloads. Read article.

Run SQL Server in an Azure VM

SQL Server 2008 end of support is coming. If you move your SQL Server workload to Azure virtual machines you get three more years of extended security updates. You can find out more on how to migrate your on-premises SQL Server database to Azure or why not contact the team at WARDY IT Solutions to access your options.