The graveyard shift – who’s doing yours?

Graveyard Shift

Today’s businesses are processing more data than ever before. Data provides valuable market and consumer insights and can be one of the main sources of competitive advantage. Customers have many touch-points with an organisation and these interactions happen around the clock – many of them are online and each one of them leaves a digital footprint.

At the same time, these expanding operations have resulted in the need for 24x7x365 availability and access to data. You’re no doubt aware of the critical value of your data and your database during business hours. But what about when you – and your employees – are sleeping? What database problems will your IT team potentially face when they come to work in the morning?

Still think that not much happens overnight?

If your focus is the working-day, you might think not much happens overnight in terms of technology. But increasingly, organisations need that 24-hour assurance. Maybe your organisation has global operations or runs an e-commerce site. Or perhaps important reports or other functions need to occur outside normal business hours.

Issues that arise overnight might seem mundane, but if they’re not dealt with promptly, it’s easy for them to escalate and even bring down the entire system. And if your database fails overnight, your business could grind to a halt next morning forcing your highly-paid DBA to spend the day (or more!) fixing the issue, other projects falling by the wayside.

Our Virtual DBA’s don’t sleep – so that you can

At WARDY IT Solutions we have a team of expert Database Administrators (DBAs) who monitor the availability, performance and management of our customers’ Microsoft SQL Server database environments. This team is not on-call, we are on-shift, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every week of the year.

Our customers’ own resourcing varies. Sometimes we take over from their own DBAs who go home to their families or we actively support the DBA team 24/7 so that even during business hours they can focus on other, value-add activity. Other times we are the customer’s only DBA resource, their other IT staff focus on what they do best.

Either way, the value of having remote database experts looking after your environment after hours lies in the fact that when your own team arrives to work in the morning, they hit the ground running and can focus on what matters most. Our Virtual DBAs monitor over 30,000 SQL Server databases. The scope of our service is defined in an upfront support policy defined with each customer. All policies include 24/7 support and most customers are on a ‘find and fix’ arrangement.

And our value extends beyond just SQL Server. Sometimes an issue that makes itself known through a database is actually indicative of a bigger problem. Any one of the alerts may represent an infrastructure issue, a storage system failure, or perhaps a loss of power. We can help identify those before they get out of hand.

Why customers choose our Virtual DBA service

A Virtual DBA service makes sense for small businesses as well as large, enterprise-level organisations. For smaller organisations it is a cost-effective way to access an entire team of first-class DBAs at a fraction of the cost while for larger organisations, it is about having round-the-clock expertise and being able to free up IT staff for other projects.

Clients currently benefiting from our 24/7 database monitoring and management services include NGOs, retailers, government departments, insurance companies and banks. Check out these videos to hear what our customers have to say.

Still unsure? Here are four other reasons you might like to have a chat with us. We offer:

  1. Expert staff We don’t employ generalist IT staff who have to call in an expert when they encounter a specific problem. Our Virtual DBA team members are Microsoft Certified DBAs.
  2. Real people We don’t just offer monitoring tools – we employ living and breathing people working around the clock. WARDY IT pays for the air-con and lights, so you don’t have to.
  3. Action, not just notification With monitoring tools, companies only hear about problems after the event, sometimes only by text notification. Here at WARDY IT, we address the problem straight away – and if it’s severe enough, we’ll get your IT people out of bed. So, basically, if there’s an issue, we get in touch with you – not the other way around.
  4. Local staff At WARDY IT, we have all our Virtual DBAs here onshore in Australia, working in our head office in Brisbane.

With our database monitoring service, business owners and their IT teams can rest easy at night, knowing our experts have any issues – major or minor – well under control.

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