Insights for the status of your SQL Servers

We know how important it is for our customers to maintain full visibility of their database environment. With the Virtual DBA service, we look after countless SQL Server environments on behalf of organisations around the world. For some customers, we are their DBA specialists but for many, we’re working alongside an existing database administration team. Either way, providing full visibility of the environments we manage is essential.

We have developed the MyVirtualDBA portal to provide our Virtual DBA customers a deep insight into the status of their SQL Server environment, at no additional cost. We’ve included all the insights you could possibly need, from real-time performance stats to capacity planning data. With the MyVirtualDBA portal you maintain full visibility and can see the ongoing performance improvements our team are making.

We built MyVirtualDBA for our Virtual DBA customers, so it only seems right for those customers to inform the roadmap. In the next month, we’ll be implementing UserVoice. Feature requests with the highest number of votes will be prioritised into our sprints.

If you’re not already a Virtual DBA customer, get in touch to start your 30-day free trial and see for yourself how the Virtual DBA service and MyVirtualDBA can help you.

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