Kingfisher Technologies partners with WARDY IT Solutions to provide 24x7x365 SQL Server support service to their customers

Kingfisher Technologies partners with WARDY IT Solutions

We are pleased to announce US consulting firm Kingfisher Technologies has partnered with WARDY IT Solutions to offer 24x7x365 SQL Server support to their customers.

Kingfisher Technologies can now focus on high-end project work on behalf of their clients while we handle the day-to-day administration tasks associated with running a SQL Server environment.

Kingfisher Technologies provides industry-leading database consulting services to small and medium-sized businesses. Kingfisher founder, Ed Leighton-Dick said “now we can offer our clients 24x7x365 SQL Server support without having to hire a team of Microsoft Certified DBAs to work around the clock. The partnership is particularly beneficial as our day is their night. Someone is always available when we need them.”

Kingfisher Technologies marks our second partnership with a US based organisation. We hope there will be many more in the future.

Peter Ward, Founder and Managing Director at WARDY IT Solutions, said “we’re glad to be able to offer the Virtual DBA Reseller Program. It means our partners, like Kingfisher Technologies, don’t have to invest in their own 24/7 operations.”

If you are interested in learning more about our Virtual DBA service and how it has helped companies like Kingfisher Technologies, read more here.