March 2020 Roundup: Migrating to Azure, SQL Server Safety Check, When to use SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines


How the world can change so quickly. A few weeks ago, there were 86,174 attendees at the Melbourne Cricket Ground for the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup – the largest crowd for a women’s sporting event in Australia and the largest crowd for a women’s cricket match globally. However now sporting events and any form of social interaction have become distant memories due to the impact of COVID-19.

I am proud of our team and how they rapidly instigated our crisis response plan for COVID-19 and ensured continuity of our services enabling us to deliver on our customer service vision. We have received many comments about the early execution of this plan. However, we know that our clients rely on our ability to deliver operational excellence for their mission critical SQL Server environments – no matter what the circumstances.

Despite all the work we have done helping respond to COVID-19 we know many clients need further assistance as they move from the initial response of enabling a remote work force to minimising the economic impact. To assist clients, we are providing Cloud Beacon as a complimentary service for the length of the pandemic. Cloud Beacon is designed to easily enable cost clarity and control over your cloud spend. Many organisations are also looking to accelerate their migration to the cloud to ensure continuity of service throughout the coming months. To assist with this we have released an eBook outlining how to plan a successful migration of your Microsoft Data Estate to Azure.

I realise though that every business is being impacted differently by COVID-19 and I genuinely want to know more about the challenges you are facing and how I can help. If there is anything the team and I can do to assist, then do not hesitate to contact me directly at any time.

WARDY IT Solutions is here to help

Talking to many organisations they are being impacted in ways that are hard to fathom only a few short weeks ago. I wanted to let you know some of the initiatives that WARDY IT Solutions have put in place to help organisations through these challenging times. We are here to help and we are all in this together.


How your DBA Should be Preparing for COVID-19

As COVID-19 continues to spread, disruption to business is inevitable. This will present challenges for many organisations, with changing approaches to work and day to day operations. This will also present opportunities for businesses to improve and implement best practices that will ensure a resilient and reliable SQL Server environment. The best results can be achieved with preparation and a logical approach for utilising the people and technology in your business.

From a Database Administration perspective, here are the top 10 things you should be doing to prepare for COVID-19.


Migrating SQL Server to Azure eBook

Embrace the unknown and reap the benefits of migrating SQL Server to Azure – download our ebook guide: Migrating SQL Server to Azure

Migrating your SQL Server to Azure will benefit your business thanks to the advanced capabilities and intelligence of the platform. To avoid making the wrong decision, it is important to have a general understanding of the migration process.

In this ebook, we provide an overview of the stages of migration and why they are important. It also highlights the benefits of migrating your SQL Server to Azure.


Complimentary SQL Server Safety Check

As more people start to work remotely as result of COVID-19 there will be more pressure on database infrastructure as workloads change. WARDY IT Solutions is offering a complimentary SQL Server Safety Check to verify the critical components of your SQL Server environment and minimise potential performance issues. Contact us to register your interest.


Announcing the general availability of Azure Monitor for virtual machines

Last week, Microsoft announces the general availability of Azure Monitor for virtual machines (VMs), which provides an in-depth view of VM performance trends and dependencies.

You can access Azure Monitor for VMs from the Azure VM resource blade to view details about a single VM, from the Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets (VMSS) resource blade to view details about a single VM scale set, and from Azure Monitor to understand compute issues at scale.

Azure Monitor for VMs brings together key monitoring data about your Windows and Linux VMs, allowing you to:

  • Troubleshoot guest-level performance issues and understand trends in VM resource utilisation.
  • Determine whether back-end VM dependencies are connected properly and which clients of a VM may be affected by any issues the VM is having.
  • Discover VM hotspots at scale based on resource utilisation, connection metrics, performance trends, and alerts.

Remote Azure and SQL Server Training

WARDY IT Solutions offers the latest remote training technology to enable students to attend any of our Azure and SQL Server courses in a location that suits them. These remote courses are led by our world class instructors and are delivered through a high-definition experience with real-time access to our trainers enabling you to attend the training from anywhere.

In these uncertain times with social distancing and working from home, attending traditional classroom-based training is difficult. To assist individuals and organisation with their ongoing SQL Server, Power BI and Azure training requirements all of the WARDY IT Solutions training courses are all still running and available using our remote training technology.

To assist attendees who are being impacted by the current COVID-19 scenario we are enabling attendees to join our remote training and receive a complimentary voucher to re-attend this course as a face-to-face course once the current social distancing restrictions are removed. There is no expiry date to re-attend the classroom experience.

You can view all of our Microsoft Data Platform and Data Analytics training courses here. These courses are all running and are available for remote delivery.


SQL Server Security Audit

WARDY IT Solutions’ SQL Server Security Audit is a complete review of your database platform to identify potential gaps that may put the system at risk. A workshop is the first part of the engagement to better understand the type and location of sensitive data and understand the main goals and concerns surrounding security.

At the completion of the SQL Server Security Audit, we schedule a time to discuss with you each of the findings and help you to prioritise the actions required to ensure the security of your SQL Database platform.


When to use SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines

Rearchitecting applications to run in the cloud can be a significant undertaking requiring time, money, and the appropriate skills. If you want to move existing on-premises apps to the cloud, but don’t have the necessary resources to rearchitect your applications, consider SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines to get there quickly and easily.