March SQL Server Roundup: DBA preparation for COVID-19, remote Azure and SQL Server training, March 2020 release of Azure Data Studio


SQL Server and Microsoft platforms are constantly changing and improving. Here is the WARDY IT Solutions’ team roundup of SQL Server news and updates that our customers and visitors should be aware of. If there’s anything we missed, let us know on LinkedIn.

In this month’s SQL Server roundup, we discussed 10 tips for your DBA should be doing to prepare for COVID-19, WARDY’s remote Azure and SQL Server trainings, the March release of Azure Data Studio and a quick look at its feature, SQL servers targeted in hacking campaign, how to deliver live updates from Azure Functions to web, mobile, and desktop apps with Azure SignalR Service, SQL Server Licensing, and how migrating to the public cloud will use much less power.

1. 10 Things your DBA should be doing to prepare for COVID-19

As COVID-19 continues to spread, disruption to business is inevitable. This will present challenges for many organisations, with changing approaches to work and day to day operations. This will also present opportunities for businesses to improve and implement best practices that will ensure a resilient and reliable SQL Server environment. The best results can be achieved with preparation and a logical approach for utilising the people and technology in your business.

From a Database Administration perspective, here are the top 10 things you should be doing to prepare for COVID-19.


2. Remote Azure and SQL Server Training

WARDY IT Solutions offers the latest remote training technology to enable students to attend any of our Azure and SQL Server courses in a location that suits them. These remote courses are led by our world class instructors and are delivered through a high-definition experience with real-time access to our trainers enabling you to attend the training from anywhere. Learn more.


3. How WARDY IT Solutions can help you to prepare for COVID-19

As the impact of COVID-19 increases around the world, WARDY IT Solutions is taking numerous steps to ensure the continuity of our service. In addition, we have split our Virtual DBA managed services teams into two separate teams that are working remotely from each other 24×7 to ensure we can continue to proactively manage and support our clients Microsoft Data Estate. Our team are always on-shift rather than on-call. Learn more.


4. The March 2020 release of Azure Data Studio is now available

The March release of Azure Data Studio is now available. Download Azure Data Studio and review the release notes to get started. Learn more.


5. Charting in Azure Data Studio

The March 2020 release of Azure Data Studio (ADS) includes a charting feature for SQL queries. This is a quick look at the feature – learn more.


6. Use hyperscale for your most demanding cloud-born workloads

If you need to scale out the storage and compute resources substantially beyond the limits for the general purpose and business critical service tiers, you’re in luck. The hyperscale service tier provides highly scalable storage and compute performance that leverages the Azure architecture to meet the largest needs of an Azure SQL Database. Learn more.


7. Extracting data from Common Data Services (Microsoft Dynamics 365) using Azure Data Factory

Common Data Services (CDS) enables you to securely store and manage data that can be consumed by other business applications. This blog post will show you how to dynamically extract data from CDS using FetchXML queries.


8. Microsoft SQL servers targeted in newly discovered ‘Vollgar’ hacking campaign

A newly reported hacking campaign that’s believed to date back to 2018 is targeting Microsoft-SQL servers with data-stealing malware and Monero cryptomining code.


9. Go serverless: Real-time applications with Azure SignalR Service

Anthony Chu and Donovan Brown show how to deliver live updates from Azure Functions to web, mobile, and desktop apps with Azure SignalR Service. Watch video.


10. SQL Server Licensing: High Availability / Disaster Recovery Azure VM | Data Exposed

In this video, you will learn how to deploy recommended HADR architectures using SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines with an optimal TCO using your Software Assurance Benefits.


11. Cloud computing is even greener than we thought

The idea that cloud computing is green really depends on whom you’re talking to. However, the data centers run by the major public cloud providers have a positive effect on power consumption for computing, generally speaking. Learn more.