Ongoing Success of WARDY IT Solutions and the WARDY Group

Success of WARDY IT Solutions and the WARDY Group

WARDY Group continues to grow and along with this is the amazing success we are seeing in the business off the back of the current Data Analytics and IoT trends.

As you may be aware our award winning SQL Server business WARDY IT Solutions is now delivering solutions that leverage the Azure Data Services and has also expanded into the US with the opening of our Dallas office. We are also about to launch our award winning Virtual DBA managed service in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. DBMonitor which has been developed for the Virtual DBA service was recently awarded the first product in the world to be certified for SQL Server as part of the SQL Factory program.

The WARDY Group launched MOC Training to deliver ”anytime, anyhow, anywhere” IT training and acquired The Cloud Classroom late last year. The WARDY Group has also acquired Mr CRM which now forms part of the WARDY Group.

Subsequent to this expansion, and our reach into the US, we are currently undertaking a planned corporate restructure of one of our corporate entities, XCGV Services.

It is business as usual for WARDY IT Solutions, Mr CRM and MOC Training.

If you have any queries about this restructure then please feel free to contact us – we’d love to discuss further with you the ongoing success of the WARDY Group and some of the new offerings that we will be bringing to market in FY17.