My SQL Server is Fine – So Why Bother Patching?


While many organisations have a roadmap to migrate to Azure or modernise to supported versions of SQL Server, there are others, that for various reasons, will need to maintain legacy versions. Maybe the application running on the legacy version is not compatible with newer versions of SQL Server, or perhaps the application vendor has gone out of business. Whatever the reason, the legacy application – […]

March 2019 QSSUG: Azure Data Warehouse, a game changer

Azure Data Warehouse, a game changer

Trying to get some tips to start using Azure Data Warehouse? Do you know how Azure Data Warehouse is different from Azure SQL Database? Trying to process Terabytes of data in only a few minutes?

This session will answer and expand upon each one of these questions. Azure Data Warehouse was released 4 years ago and has been maturing across its lifetime.

January 2019 Roundup

January 2019 SQL Server News Roundup

Whether a business has its doors open or not, they are still a 24×7 operation with systems that need to run, overnight processes and websites to take orders. The database environment underpins these operations and it’s vital these critical systems are effectively managed, no matter what time of the day or night.