Smart Health Australia Discovers Consumer Behaviour Insights with Power BI

Smart Health Australia Power BI Case Study

WARDY IT Solutions helps Smart Health Australia reveal consumer behaviour insights with Power BI

Executive Summary:

Smart Health Australia is an award winning ethical fundraising services provider that, for nearly twenty years, has been raising millions of dollars for some of Australia’s largest hospitals and charities. The leadership team at SHA sought help to optimise fundraiser and campaign performance by collaborating with WARDY IT Solutions to enhance analytical tools and skill-sets. The organisation solved a series of analytical challenges working with the professional team at WARDY IT Solutions.

How WARDY IT Solutions Helped:

  • Having access to performance analytics in real-time allows SHA’s leadership team to quickly adapt campaign strategies to further enhance performance
  • Tracking fundraiser performance in real time has allowed SHA to identify and adapt training regimes in order to achieve optimal outcomes with donors
  • Data visualisation using Power BI enhances management’s ability to quickly respond to campaign outcomes
  • The ability to identify donor behaviour has further enhanced SHA’s campaign forecasting and enabled SHA to refine donor management strategies

Australia is among the world’s most charitable nations, but competition for donor largesse is intense. By harnessing the power of Business Intelligence, SHA is transforming its business processes and looking to re-invent its business model.

Download the full Smart Health Australia case study here.