SQL Down Under Presentations

The recent SQL Down Under Code Camp that was held on the 7th and 8th of October contained presentations from some of the leading figures in the Australian SQL Server community. Many of the presentations over the two days were recorded and have been made available to download as an mp3. Listed below is each of the presentations from this event that are available.

Darren Gosbell – An introduction to MDX (~37MB)
Geoff Orr – Introduction to table partitioning (~28MB)
Grant Paisley – A better way to add business process to Reporting Services (~39MB)
Greg Linwood – A methodology for troubleshooting and tuning SQL Server (~35MB)
Greg Linwood – Managing Indexes for Database Administrators (~48MB)
Greg Low – Introduction to Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals (DataDude) (~34MB)
Peter Myers – An introduction to data mining in SQL Server 2005 (~38MB)
Rob Farley – Windowing and ranking functions (~33MB)
Trevor Andrew – What SMO offers developers and DBA’s (~26MB)