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Earlier today at the Microsoft Data Amp event the name for the next release of SQL Server was announced as SQL Server 2017.  SQL Server 2017 brings the industry-leading performance and security of SQL Server to Windows, Linux, and Docker containers.  As part of this event the availability of Community Technology Preview (CTP) 2.0 was also announced.  CTP 2.0 is the first production-quality preview of SQL Server 2017 and it is available on both Windows and Linux. Download the preview.

Apart from being able to run SQL Server on Linux some of the key new features in SQL Server 2017 include:

  • Support for storing and analysing graph data relationships
  • Resumeable online index rebuild so you can resume a paused index rebuild operation from where the rebuild operation was paused
  • Adaptive Query Processing to keep database queries running as efficiently as possible without requiring additional tuning from database administrators

For more information, check out the key new features in SQL Server 2017.

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