Virtual DBA Service Provides Immediate Value to Enterprises

A recent Longhaus study on CIO Confidence found that in the minds of Australian CIOs, DBAs are doing such a good job that there is no need to change the resource structures, with ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ being an appropriate attitude.

However, the growing challenge of using big data within the enterprise is highlighting that traditional approaches to data management are not adjusting well to the increased demand. In the race to adequately scale, CIOs are now turning to new –as-a-service providers in the market.

DBA-as-a-Service Is Growing

The Longhaus Study found that there is immediate value to enterprises in engaging DBA services, such as the Virtual DBA Service provided by WARDY IT Solutions.

Longhaus estimated that 20% of CIOs are looking towards –as-a-service providers to complement their existing internal DBA resources. Additionally Longhaus found that an attitude of increasing DBA resourcing via recruitment was NOT the right way to go.

Longhaus concluded:

“Whether the requirement is for traditional hosting of a trusted database infrastructure instance for a proposed SQL Server upgrade, or the broader consideration for -as-a-service database management for extensive SQL environments such as those provided by Australia’s WARDY IT Solutions, direct increases to DBA resourcing through recruitment will only represent a very clear step in the wrong direction.” – Longhaus study: DBA Roles are the Safest but most Ignored by the CIO.

WARDY IT Solutions Virtual DBA

The Virtual DBA service from WARDY IT allows clients to lower costs in terms of IT professional staff by allowing remote administration of their SQL Server databases.

Rather than having to train in-house IT staff to run company databases, Virtual DBA allows a team of seasoned database specialists to handle all SQL Server administration tasks.

Enterprises around the globe use Virtual DBA with the service monitoring more than 30,000 databases. The service includes 24×7 support as well a Windows Phone App and an iPhone and iPad App.