How the Virtual DBA service saved my marriage

How the Virtual DBA service saved my marriage

Our Virtual DBA customers are a very happy lot! We were delighted with the response to the customer satisfaction survey and the overwhelmingly positive feedback. It’s a credit to our dedicated team of Microsoft SQL Server DBAs– working on shift, 24/7, actively monitoring and managing over 30,000 databases.

And it makes our job feel even more worthwhile when we hear of the many examples of how the Virtual DBA service makes a difference to our customers – at work and out of it. Many of our customers comment how the impact of the service is broader than just the working day – with the Virtual DBA service providing after hours peace-of-mind and therefore indirectly helping to promote a better family life for many.

And hence our tongue-in-cheek title! It is of course unlikely that the Virtual DBA service has saved many marriages but it certainly has helped many of our customers switch-off at the end of the day – and to spend time with people that matter most to them.

But don’t let us be the ones to tell you.

Here’s what some of our customers had to say:

  • I know we are in safe hands
  • “The Virtual DBA service provides me confidence that our Microsoft SQL Database environment is proactively monitored 24/7 by highly skilled, customer focused staff who have quality processes and clear technical escalation paths.”

  • I can sleep through each and every night
  • “The WARDY IT Virtual DBA Service allows me to get some much needed sleep at night knowing that my databases are in safe hands.”

  • Our internal team can get a break
  • “My senior DBA was able to take 2 weeks leave and I didn’t have to ring him once, which really shows how valuable the service has been to us.”

    “We feel lucky to have the Virtual DBA service with WARDY IT as it enables us to focus more on project-type works and staff can take annual leave and training without any fuss.”

  • Our business relies on the continuous, expert support
  • “As the only SQL DBA in my company, I find it invaluable. Being able to contact WARDY IT’s Virtual DBA team to seek reliable answers to any SQL questions or problems with which I’m struggling. WARDY IT’s Virtual DBA service has become an integral and dependable part of my organisation’s SQL service, providing continuous support, as a failsafe, 24 hours a day.”

  • It frees up internal resources to focus on project work
  • “At first I wasn’t sure we needed a Virtual DBA, I am the internal DBA. But, having someone actively monitor and manage the existing database environment means that I can spend my time on projects that make a real difference to the business. I don’t have to worry about the operational stuff anymore – or about getting calls in the evenings or weekends.”

  • I can focus on what matters most
  • “There is nothing more valuable than being able to pick the children up from school, or watch their school play or sports day, without having to worry about my databases – or getting called in to work!”

You don’t have to take our customers’ word for it – start your free trial

Whether you are a small to medium business owner struggling to afford an internal expert DBA or an enterprise that wants its IT team to focus on other projects, the Virtual DBA service just makes sense.

And you don’t even have to take our customers’ word for it. Get in touch to start a risk-free 30-day trial and see how the Virtual DBA service can help you focus on what matters most – at work and outside of it!