The Virtual DBA Service Goes International – Launching Our Reseller Program

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Providing True 24×7 Support

Building a world class SQL Server managed service practice is hard. Many organisations try to provide 24×7 support with varying degrees of success. After launching our Virtual DBA service 10 years ago, we’ve learnt that providing true 24×7 service-excellence is tough to achieve.

Many organisations claim to provide 24×7 support but more often than not, they are providing an on-call service where someone is woken in the middle of the night to respond to an issue, or worse still they are called during the day and they are working on a project. This balance of juggling project and operational workloads is a constant battle for many organisations. Operational workload is the priority but this can severely impact project delivery.

Back in 2006, we saw our clients struggling with the ever increasing demands of both operational and project requirements. Consequently, we developed the Virtual DBA service. Today the Virtual DBA service is an award-winning, best of breed managed service, that supports organisations using the Microsoft Data and Analytics platform.

International Reseller Program

As more and more organisations look to implement various different delivery models including outsourcing, co-souring and as-a-service, clients are expecting more from professional service practices and are requesting support services to assist with managing their changing platform requirements. Professional services firms are often ill-equipped to provide this support due to scale, systems and process or 24×7 support may not be part of their current product offering.

As a result, we’ve launched an international reseller program. We are partnering with other SQL Server professional services firms, enabling them offer true 24×7 support to their clients, using the Virtual DBA service. This allows organisations to meet the 24×7 demands of their clients whilst focusing on their core offerings. We know firsthand how difficult it can be to build the technology and processes required to be in a position to scale. That’s before you even consider recruiting SQL Server experts, which is notoriously difficult across the globe. After years of hard work, we are fortunate enough to be in a position to allow others to ride the wave of success we’ve had with the Virtual DBA service.

Introducing Straight Path IT Solutions

One of the many successful partnerships is our partnership with Straight Path IT Solutions in the US. Straight Path IT Solutions are a specialist SQL Server consulting and mentoring company who found their clients were looking for true 24×7 support to complement their existing DBA on Demand service offering. Straight Path evaluated the worldwide market to find a best of breed partner that would enable Straight Path to focus on the current services they provide but also ensure they could meet the support needs of their clients. The Virtual DBA service does just this. As described by the Straight Path Solutions founder Mike Walsh

The Virtual DBA service provides us a competitive advantage and helps as ensure we strengthen the relationships we have with our clients by allowing us to deliver the solutions they require after business hours. We know the Virtual DBA team is always there and they provide us elastic resourcing if required but most importantly, they are supporting our clients 24×7 while we focus on high-end project work.

If you would like to know more about how the Virtual DBA service can enable you to offer the services that your clients need whilst focusing on your core business offering, please get in touch.