Client Testimonials

What our clients say about our service standards

A number of clients video testimonials can be found on the WARDY IT Solutions YouTube Channel

“You guys rock” Kunle Bello, Medeserv-PrimEd

“Thank you for delivering an end-to-end SQL Server 2012 Always On solution with such impeccable level of expertise. We are truly impressed with the outcome and will continue to engage for any future projects and support.” Kevin Sua, OzCare

“WARDY IT Solutions Virtual DBA service makes us sleep a lot better at night!” – Walter Meerza, Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance

“WARDY IT Solutions has proven to be a great company, with excellent people, who have been a big help to us in implementing and maintaining Microsoft SQL Server solutions.”

”We initially engaged WARDY IT Solutions to provide training for our Systems Development team and it has proved to be the most valuable training exercise we have undertaken.”

”After being frustrated for years with other companies’ levels of skills and service, WARDY IT Solutions were the natural choice when we needed assistance with recent SQL Server performance issues.”

”Their ability to identify and resolve the issues in a timely fashion with a high level of skill and accuracy exceeded our expectations.”

”Not only were they able to resolve our issues, they clearly articulated the issues to us and provided us with accurate and relevant information on how to monitor and improve our systems going forward.”Vaughan Hatcher, Cornucopia

“The SQL Server Healthcheck provided by WARDY IT Solutions was invaluable. The level of detail that the findings went into was truly remarkable. By implementing the changes recommended by the Healthcheck we were able improve the performance of our SQL Server instance by over 160%.” Greg Norris, Trinity

”I would just like to take this opportunity to personally thank WARDY IT Solutions for the assistance they have offered over the past year – I have no doubt that our choice of vendor has contributed greatly to the overall success of the project, particularly in the face of the issues and hurdles we have encountered along the way.”

”WARDY IT Solutions has demonstrated a great deal of expertise, integrity and professionalism throughout their involvement with the project. Furthermore, without WARDY IT Solutions flexibility, responsiveness and commitment to helping us achieve good outcomes, I doubt that we would be where we are today with the new platform. Planning and delivering a project of this nature, in this environment and with reliance on operational resources is never easy, but has been made all the more easy with WARDY IT Solutions contributions.” Nick Beach, QLD GOC

“Our relationship with WARDY IT Solutions has become a crucial aspect to the success of our team. The level of excellence they provide in service and technical support has always been exemplary.” Roberto La Bozzetta, Coles Group

“The vast wealth of knowledge in the WARDY IT Solutions team means they are able to assist with all of our various SQL Server needs, and their customer service commitment is second to none. We feel secure in knowing they are there for everything from the simplest question through to an operational emergency.” Cherie Whelan, RPS Group

“I have been working with WARDY IT Solutions for over 18 months and their SQL Server skills have proved invaluable. I consider myself fortunate to work with such a talented and devoted organisation.”Morty Douglass, RD8

“We were very impressed with WARDY IT Solutions abilities and their intricate and expansive knowledge about SQL Server. We will be thrilled to work with WARDY IT Solutions again.” Ben Reid, Systematics

“We knew we had a few performance bottlenecks with our vendor supplied ERP system and we were looking at investing in some new iron. Due to budget constraints we needed to delay our capital expenditure and engaged WARDY IT Solutions to perform a Healthcheck. With the performance tuning they have done, they saved us over $60,000 in new hardware and I can’t see us needing any more horsepower anytime soon.” Tom Calloway, Worldwide Industries

“I cannot recommend WARDY IT Solutions highly enough. Their professionalism and technical knowledge are both superior. They weren’t fazed by problems at my end, and they maintained their dedication and responsiveness to arrive at a highly successful outcome. I will recommend WARDY IT Solutions to whomever asks.” Graham Seach, Pacific Database

“The team at WARDY IT Solutions were able to leverage the innovative features in SQL Server 2008 R2 including PowerPivot and rich data visualisations to deliver a solution that is allowing us to easily identify trends in the learning outcomes of students.” Scott Carpenter, John Paul College

I can honestly say that WARDY IT Solutions training is the best technical training  I have ever attended and the training exceed my (already  high) expectations in terms of the depth of knowledge and breadth of experience of the trainer! – Mark Morton, Health World Limited

“I would just like to say thank you for the effort and expertise that you brought to the great 5 days’ course in Sydney. It was very informative, very well presented, plus enjoyable with demo’s and lab exercises. I have learned so much from your training that will assist me in my workplace. I‘m going to use some of the strategies and tools you gave me to use with our users for self-service BI.

I have updated to my team leader with what I learnt in the course. He is very impressed to see some of the new tools in BI reporting.” Rathan Sivabalan, Wesfarmers Industrial and Safety (Business Intelligence Developer)