Brisbane Catholic Education Case Study by WARDY IT Solutions

BCE kids case study

Executive Summary:

Brisbane Catholic Education’s IT administrators found that managing multiple complex database systems was consuming inordinate amounts of their time. The minutiae of overseeing and maintaining system operations demanded constant attention. Staff were kept too busy keeping their applications at peak performance and lacked the time to glean insights from the data and present it in a meaningful way to teachers and school management. They partnered with WARDY IT Solutions to help them manage their systems and maintain optimal performance on the SQL Server database that powers the second largest SharePoint implementation in the southern hemisphere. The IT departments time is now spent adding value to the business by analysing and transforming the data in ways that helps deliver better student outcomes.

How WARDY IT Solutions helped:

  • Virtual DBA has increased the uptime of vital database systems, improving overall productivity
  • Data can now be analysed in greater depth, helping stakeholders to modify school processes and syllabus to improve student performance
  • High level expertise that was previously unavailable because of staffing and budget constraints is now on call around the clock
  • Student records are securely backed up and replicated automatically, minimising the risk of data loss
  • SQL Server powered applications SharePoint and Dynamics AX operate at consistent and predictable performance levels

WARDY IT Solutions assumed responsibility for providing 24×7 SQL Server support. Because of the rich analytical tools that SQL Server Analysis Services provides, outcomes can be benchmarked and compared, and data-sets modelled to gauge how student and teacher performance compares with local and international criterion.

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