Helping MediaRadar Strengthen Their Competitive Edge

Selective Outsourcing Partnership with WARDY IT Solutions and Linchpin People Helps MediaRadar Focus on Strengthening Their Competitive Edge

Executive Summary

MediaRadar’s competitive advantage is their intellectual property – the differentiator that has propelled them to market leadership in their field. Because mission critical computing underpins MediaRadar’s ability to fulfil their service obligations to clients, they invest in the best resources to ensure uninterrupted service delivery. Their business depends on Microsoft SQL Server powered databases and MediaRadar looked for the best resources to meet the needs of supporting their database framework. After comparing in-house and partner solutions, they engaged with their proven technology partner Linchpin People and invested in a subscription of WARDY IT Solutions’ Virtual DBA support services. The complementary relationship between WARDY IT Solutions and Linchpin People set flexible demarcation lines dividing operational and strategic tasks.

At a glance, the solution delivered:

  • MediaRadar has reduced operating costs by $100K P/A with selective SQL Server DBA outsourcing
  • Constant monitoring and daily reporting helps proactively improve application health
  • MediaRadar’s IT leaders spend more time engaged in strategic tasks rather than operational oversight – a better outcome for a fast growing technology start-up
  • Reporting and interaction with the WARDY IT Solutions Virtual DBA team is responsive and very much a person-to-person engagement that engenders trust
  • Linchpin People and WARDY IT Solutions collaborate closely to make sure that the best outcomes for MediaRadar are achieved
  • Microsoft SQL Server is a highly robust but complex server technology with only a small fraction of the feature set typically used by most organisations

Knowledge, experience and confidence are the traits that MediaRadar identified as making the WARDY IT Solutions and Linchpin People partnership work. Both organisations having repeatedly proven their worth and as a combined force, their deliverables have consistently exceeded expectations.

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