The Rock Building Society Adopts a Business Intelligence Solution to Increase their Loan Book

The Rock Building Society

Executive Summary:

Building Societies and Credit Unions typically have a large proportion of account holders versus customer with loan accounts. This is generalised by the fact that more females than males bank with these smaller institutions. This generalisation was true for The Rock Building Society Limited and was backed by demographic analysis which indicates that males tend to bank with the larger financial institutions and as a result loan accounts are also held with these institutions.

The challenge for The Rock was to tailor a marketing campaign that would enable them to increase their loan book based on customer acquisition and increase the value of instruments held by existing customers. The Rock engaged WARDY IT Solutions to develop a Business Intelligence solution based on SQL Server 2008 R2 to assist deliver this goal.

How the Business Intelligence Solutions Helped:

  • Provides customer profiling information to all levels of the organisation from the individual teller through to the call centre and sales team.
  • A customer dashboard is provided to customers that summarises the customer’s position and possible “value added” services that can be offered.
  • The solution provides a single pane of glass view of customer data across the systems.
  • Providing different reporting mechanism for different stockholders.
  • The ability to deliver self-service reporting and analytics using PowerPivot models to assist the sales team with identifying new opportunities in their existing customer base.

With WARDY IT Solutions and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 and Microsoft Office 2010, The Rock Building Society has unlocked the data from their disparate systems to provide timely decisions.

Download the Full Case Study Here