Microsoft Power BI Data Visualisation Case Study

Sundale BI Case Study

Executive Summary:

Data visualisation provides the tools for business managers to remove the complexity between relationships in data and analyse the correlations between cause, effect and outcome. Sundale was unable to integrate its data and present a uniform view of employee engagement in a simple format. Partnering with WARDY IT Solutions, Sundale identified their core requirements and defined a proof of concept to connect their disparate systems and visualise activities using Microsoft’s Power BI.

How WARDY IT Solutions Helped:

Microsoft’s recently updated Power BI was trialed in the evaluation phase of the project. Power BI integrated easily with Sundale’s production SQL Server, Dynamics AX and CRM systems after custom data connectors were created to couple the systems. WARDY IT Solutions’ team of analysts prototyped a number of visualisations to support the proof of concept resulting in management extending the evaluation into a live production roll-out across the organisation.

Collaborating with WARDY IT Solutions helped Sundale’s IT professionals to quickly prototype and deliver a full production system. This improved Sundale’s bottom line and provided tangible proof that technology improved service levels and lifestyle quality for Sundale residents.

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