Business Intelligence for SME’s

Traditionally, Business Intelligence systems have been associated with high costs of entry, requiring significant investment in hardware and software, as well as expensive skills training. Unfortunately, these costs have kept Business Intelligence (BI)-and its benefits-out of reach for many organisations, with analysis and reporting on enterprise business data being the realm of dedicated analysts and the IT resources of their larger counterparts. Nevertheless, the question facing many businesses is not whether to invest in BI, but how to derive maximum value from their data. No matter the size of the enterprise, access to critical business information and integrated reporting is important to market success.

Microsoft’s BI’s tools mean that Business Intelligence is no longer reserved for Government Agencies or ASX 200 companies.  Now Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) organisations can have the same insight into their business data as the big guys.  SME’s should not discount the importance of Business Intelligence (BI) believing that the value of such a system is not worth the investment expense.  In truth, the SME does not have to empty its coffers.

Many organisations that are already running in a Microsoft environment by default are licensed with many of the tools necessary for implementing a BI solution. With the arrival of SQL Server 2005 and beyond, organisations that run Microsoft SQL Server have immediate access to a range of BI capabilities at no additional cost. For example, Microsoft Analysis Services is a data store for cubes (multi-dimensional data), while Reporting Services provides direct outside access to database and security is handled through SQL Server.

Add to this the familiar Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010, publish a dashboard to the web using SharePoint tools that are already at your disposal.  You can generate self-service BI that allows more people to analyse enterprise application data in more ways – build static reports from the desktop using Excel or the Report Builder desktop application, giving companies a competitive edge by identifying ways to improve service and retain customers, lower costs, raise profitability, and much more.

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