Power BI Performance Tuning

Optimising your Power BI reports for efficiency and greater insights

Optimising your reporting solution with our Power BI Performance Tuning service

This service is designed to review your existing Power BI reports, optimise them and ensure instantaneous access and reporting efficiency.

Our team will meet with your stakeholders to analyse your reports, identify issues, and provide guidance and recommendations to achieve efficiency in your reporting.

During the two-day engagement we will help you to optimise your Power BI reports allowing you to focus on gaining greater insights from your data.


Data Models and Reports

Do I need Power BI Performance Tuning?

Power BI Performance Turning is designed to improve the BI reporting experience for:

  • Anyone that is experiencing the frustration of not being able to access Power BI reports due to pre-performance problems (reports taking too long to render and timing out).
  • Organisations that are unable to access information in a timely manner to make informed business decisions.
  • Teams that are losing productivity as the result of personnel not having access to data when they need it.