SQL Server 2005 End Of Support

SQL Server 2005 End of Support

The end of support for SQL Server 2005 is Tuesday the 12th of April 2016. With the end of support, product support, security updates and hotfixes will no longer be available from Microsoft.

As Australia’s leading Microsoft SQL Server and Business Intelligence specialists, WARDY IT Solutions has developed a migration methodology to allow you to easily migrate using a proven risk free framework from SQL Server 2005 to SQL Server 2014.

See Upgrading from SQL Server 2005 to learn about the benefits of upgrading to SQL Server 2014. See Microsoft’s SQL Server 2005 upgrade page for more information about what the transition.

Next Steps: Data Platform Modernisation Assessment

WARDY IT Solutions has developed a Data Platform Modernisation Assessment. This assessment is only $2,900.00 ex. GST and is designed to assist businesses optimise their Microsoft SQL Server licensing, as well as achieving platform modernisation and operational excellence.

The Data Platform Modernisation Assessment is designed to provide a roadmap to modernise the Microsoft SQL Server platform by:

  • Documenting the SQL Server install base
  • Delivering an organisational specific SQL Server modernisation roadmap
  • Identifying workloads that are candidates to be migrated to Azure
  • Delivering a SQL Server future-state technical workshop

To register your interest in a Data Platform Modernisation Assessment please fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch to discuss the upgrade options for your SQL Server environment: