Microsoft SQL Server Licensing

WARDY IT Solutions understands that Licensing for SQL Server can be complex, with both Physical and Virtual Licenses in the market place.

In the world of Virtualisation, SQL Server Licensing models include Virtualised Servers such as Microsoft Hyper-V technology, Microsoft Virtual Server or third-party virtualization solutions provided by VMware, Citrix and Parallels. Licensing in Virtualisation is often testing, as you need to understand the wording around cores and virtual processors (Virtual CPU’s and CPU Cores) and apply this to the channel that the Licenses will be purchased from, like Microsoft Volume Licensing, and map this with the SQL Server Topology including the versions of SQL Server in use.

At WARDY IT Solutions we have specialist staff that understands SQL Server Licensing in a physical or virtual operating system environment, the various licensing models and how virtualization affects them.

We are often asked which Licensing model should I choose – can I run a mixed environment, how does it work for failover scenarios, what is SQL Server Developer Edition, should I purchase Software Assurance and so on. We offer a range of SQL Server Licensing Services that include solutions for:

  • Preparing a future state environment
  • Designing a new topology
  • Analysing a Customer Environment
  • Identifying Customer Product and Capability Requirements
  • Recommending Licensing Solution Options
  • Helping with your True-Up


Chances are your organization is not the same as it was when you first purchased your Enterprise Agreement (EA). Your business has evolved, and your IT needs have changed. Once a year, you are required to True-Up, to align your Enterprise Agreement with the total number of licenses you’ve added in the previous 12 months.

Let WARDY IT Solutions help ensure compliance with your SQL Server License agreements and corporate governance policies, as well as help you complete your True-Up:

  • Manage an efficient True-Up process
  • Save IT and procurement valuable time by assisting in software inventory analysis
  • Eliminate waste, overlap, and redundancy throughout your organization
  • Improve forecasting and budgeting
  • Enhance internal control processes, helping to reduce licensing compliance risks
  • Prepare for future True-Ups and inventories

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