SQL Server Safety Check

Verify the critical components of your SQL Server environment


Minimise the chances of a data breach

Know who has access to your critical data and ensure the latest service packs and security patches are applied.

Improve performance without additional infrastructure

We’ll help you spot opportunities to fine-tune your environment by identifying costly queries and reviewing indexes.

Trust in your Business Continuity Plan

Have confidence in your disaster recovery process by ensuring backups are successful and easily restored.


Server and Operating System Configurations

  • Disk volume configuration
  • Local Security Policy
  • User Rights Assignment

SQL Server Instance Configurations

  • Default collation
  • CPU and Memory Configuration
  • SQL Server level security analysis
  • Maintenance plan and backup job review
  • Trace Flags
Introduction to SQL Databases

Database Configurations

  • Collation
  • Database options, file sizing, file placement

Database performance and schema review

  • Index fragmentation
  • Query performance review
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SQL Server resource utilisation bottleneck review

  • SQL Server internal resource utilisation (Buffer Utilisation, IO Performance, Waits)

Log reviews

  • SQL Server Error logs

At the end of the engagement we’ll provide you with a written report indicating the current status of your servers plus an actionable work plan detailing any immediate remediation work required.

For a comprehensive analysis of your environment over time, check out our SQL Server Healthcheck.

Helping those that help others

To continue our support for non-profit organisations, WARDY IT Solutions offer free SQL Server Safety Checks to all Australian Charities.
Learn more about our support for Non-Profits here.