SQL Server Support

Your DBAs shouldn’t have to monitor SQL Server 24x7x365, but we can.

Get scalable, seamless, world-class SQL Server support. WARDY IT Solutions is Australia’s largest onshore provider of 24x7x365 remote database administration services.

Our SQL support is delivered onshore in Australia by 100% Microsoft Certified Database Administrators.

We manage over 30,000 databases and respond to our customers in less than a minute.

Need SQL Support? Call us any time of day or night on 1300 775 322 or email us.

Our Remote DBA Support Services

Helping those who rely on Microsoft SQL Server Across Australia

What Our Customers Say About Our SQL Support

“My senior DBA was able to take 2 weeks leave and I didn’t have to ring him once, which really shows how valuable the service has been to us.”

“At first I wasn’t sure we needed a Virtual DBA but having someone actively monitor and manage the existing database environment means that I can spend my time on projects that make a real difference to the business.”

“There is nothing more valuable than being able to pick the children up from school, or watch their school play or sports day, without having to worry about my databases – or getting called in to work!”

How Our SQL Server Support Works

Why Our Virtual DBA Service is Different from other Remote DBA Support

  • True 24/7 support without any additional costs.
  • All team members are Microsoft Certified DBAs.
  • All support is 100% onshore in Australia.
  • We have a 99.8% average customer satisfaction rate.
  • We support more than 45 Petabytes of critical data.
  • Our one-touch resolution rate is 22.9% higher than the industry average.

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