Virtual DBA

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Gavin Tomlins – CIO, Sundale Garden Village

Jane Sheehy, CIO – Terry White Chemists

Jeff Peters – Manager, Information Systems, Brisbane Catholic Education Office

Lance Knight – Senior Systems Officer, Sundale Garden Village

WARDY IT Solutions named Microsoft's number one Worldwide Data Platform Partner of the Year, 2013

Cost comparison – Inhouse DBA vs VDBA: In House DBA (24x7x365) $400,000 per annum, VDBA1 (24x7x365) $22,000 per annum, VDBA2 (24x7x365) $90,000 per annum

DBA Task Breakdown: 80% Database Operations, 10% Database Development, 10% Data Management

DBA's time spent wisely utilising WARDY IT Solutions' VDBA: 50% database management, 50% data management