An integral part of the Virtual DBA service, is the Virtual DBA Portal. The Virtual DBA Portal is a client portal that provides an interface that exposes:

  • The overall status of the client site
  • Activities presently occurring at the client site

Status of the Client Site

The Status dashboards provide a summary that allows clients to easily view:

  • Simple Green\Red status of the site servers where green indicates all is well and red indicates an outstanding issue
  • Database\Server Capacity Statistics to highlight growth trends and to assist in forward planning
  • Monthly status to summarise the overall
  • Incidents against each database
    o Uptime\Downtime associated with each database
    o Time invested on each database by VDBA
    o Regular errors
    o Capacity status
    o Work items against each database


The actiview view provides a summary of any outstanding tasks that are currently being worked on by WARDY IT Solutions.

The portal is designed to be informative, yet simple and intuitive to use – this extends to the set of base level reports are from a self-service picking list.

As part of the Virtual DBA service you can use WARDY IT Solutions Virtual DBA Portal application on your iPad®, iPhone® or Windows® Phone to provide real-time information about your SQL Server environment. This mobile interface provides you the freedom to easily see the status of your servers at any time beyond the limits of your desktop.

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