WARDY IT Solutions Virtual DBA service delivers an instant ROI by eliminating the costs associated with hiring, training and retaining in-house Database Administrators. WARDY IT Solutions Virtual DBA is the right investment. Your SQL Server databases are necessary to meet your organisation’s data demands. As your business embraces change, your SQL Server requirements will unquestionably become more multi-faceted as you evolve to meet the new challenges.

As your SQL Server environment grows and becomes more convoluted, so does the complexity of managing the topology. Many organisations face the dilemma of investing in the costly training of valuable resources to manage this situation. This can detract from your ability to grow your enterprises and focus on the core business.

It is well recognised that when your systems are running smoothly, your DBAs are underutilised or are performing low level administrative tasks like checking logs applying patches, adding disk space and validating backups. Instead most DBAs would prefer to be interacting with Architects and End Users focusing on strategic solutions for the organisation.

Not only does WARDY IT Solutions have the expertise to support your current SQL Server environment, we are continually upgrading our skill sets in line with ever-changing product innovations including SQL Server 2016. This means our dedicated Team of Microsoft Certified SQL Server specialists are able to service all your needs effectively and to the highest technological standards available in the marketplace.

WARDY IT Solutions provides a cost effective solution to meet the day to day challenges of availability, performance and administration of an organisations critical database systems. Even if it is to function as an extension of your Full Time Employees.

24X7 Database Operations Support

Unlike other providers, we have a dedicated team of onshore DBAs that work on rotating shift schedules, which means you actually speak directly to the DBA and not a voice call centre.

Complete audit of all database changes

All support tickets and routine administrative tasks are logged into an issue tracking system that you can access anytime via the client Portal. You always know exactly what maintenance routines were needed at every point.

Early warning notification system

When databases fail, your business comes to a halt. This is why we notify you even before your database problems occur. Our performance and scalability analysis tools allow us to detect the early warning signs of performance and scalability bottlenecks, before they escalate into issues. We call you and let you know that your database is close to capacity rather than waiting for a call from you.

The safe choice in remote database management

Our business is that of a Virtual DBA. We have set the standard for remote database management. There’s a level of confidence that comes with trusting your business to the provider that is stable and secure, and whose expertise and support you’ll want now and five or ten years down the road.
Full pricing transparency. No long term contracts required.

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