WARDY IT Solutions: Apollo Backup for SQL Server named in Top 100 Most Innovative Product Index

Brisbane, 22 May 2015: Apollo SQL Server backup has been named one of Australia’s most innovative services. The Apollo Backup Service provided by WARDY IT Solutions (http://www.wardyit.com), has been named in the SMART 100 Index for 2015. This marks the third year the company has been identified as an innovation leader in the Australian technology space.

About Apollo

Apollo is an innovative offering that allows clients to back up their organisation’s data and perform basic monitoring of their critical data backups using a Microsoft Azure account for storage.

The Apollo services offers clients the ability to:

  • Schedule data backups,
  • Store completed backups on an Azure account
  • Monitor Azure storage, sending alerts when a scheduled backup is not received
  • Access data backups from anywhere with an internet connection.

Key Benefit: Peace of Mind for IT Managers and DBAs

Peter Ward, Managing Director of WARDY IT Solutions highlighted the benefits of the new Apollo service: “Apollo provides clients peace of mind knowing that their data is being protected, their data backups are being maintained and monitored on an ongoing basis, and they have access to their data from anywhere with an internet connection.”

Ward added “Further, it allows companies to free up internal resources to focus on other business critical tasks.”

The innovative service offering came about when the company started to explore the opportunities for data backup solutions utilizing the cloud environment. After researching other products available in the market, WARDY IT Solutions discovered that there weren’t many available for operating systems prior to Windows 7. Thus they made Apollo compatible with Windows XP and above, thereby ensuring that the product could run on most operating systems in the market.

Backup Coverage

Companies using Apollo set their data backup schedule.  Once set the Apollo service will perform a full back up once a week, differential backup six (6) times a week and transactional backups every hour during the day. Additionally it cycles the error log and performs an integrity check every night. The service will then compress the data backup and move it to a Microsoft Azure account for storage.


The Apollo service is available to organisations throughout Australia who utilize Microsoft SQL Server technology.

To find out more about WARDY IT Solutions and how they can help your organisation to become more agile and work more effectively with SQL Server, visit the WARDY IT site.

About the Smart 100

The SMART 100 Index was created by Anthill Magazine in 2008 to identify and rank Australia’s 100 most innovative products, proving to be one of the largest surveys of its kind in Australia.

In 2015, in response to a record volume entries, the program was extended to include the TOP 100 SMART SERVICES and the TOP 100 SMART PRODUCTS, in addition to the SMART 100.

About WARDY IT Solutions

WARDY IT Solutions is Australia’s leading SQL Server consulting, training and Business Intelligence specialist company. WARDY IT prides itself on engaging with customers collaboratively in order to deliver the best SQL Server technology solutions to customers throughout Asia Pacific.

WARDY IT Solutions has been awarded Microsoft Australia Partner Awards (MAPA) SQL Server Partner of the Year Awards since 2009. These prestigious awards recognise partners that have successfully delivered innovative Microsoft Data and Business Intelligence Platform based solutions.


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