Cloud Beacon

Cost clarity & control over your cloud

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What is it?

  1. Cloud Beacon lets you monitor and manage your tenants, subscriptions and resources to ensure your Azure Portal strikes the perfect balance between cost and performance.
  2. Cloud Beacon is a billing management portal that accurately predicts and optimises your cloud spend.
  3. Cloud Beacon enables organisations to monitor and manage cloud hosted services across a range of providers. Focused on helping our clients reduce costs today and into the future.  Cloud Beacon uses advanced data analytics and predictive artificial intelligence algorithms to provide real-time insights.



Review your usage and billing and view projected spend in one place.


See usage trends and compare spending between business units.


Provision cloud resources, set usage thresholds and configure alerts to control your cloud costs.

Business Intelligence

Control spend:

Implement control policies and consumption caps using custom alerts.

VIrtual DBA

Crystal clear costs:

Benefit from a consolidated view of billing and usage data. See how much is spent on which service, who’s using what, and where you could save.

Optimize efficiency:

Use custom thresholds to determine which workloads are over, under or optimally provisioned.

Reduce resource waste:

Avoid cloud sprawl and streamline consumption by identifying idle compute resources and unused storage volumes.

Forecast accurately:

Precisely plan thanks to predictive artificial intelligence algorithms assessing your past and present usage.

Enable chargebacks

Analyse costs at the infrastructure level by viewing data across different accounts, groups, and business units. View consumption by departments to associate costs with where the spend occurred.

Cloud Beacon seamlessly integrates with:

microsoft azure
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google cloud platform

Zero impact on performance. Cloud Beacon leverages the Azure Billing APIs ensuring no impact to your Azure workloads.

One simple pricing model no matter how large your cloud footprint is.


Monitor, analyse and manage your Azure Portal with Cloud Beacon