Azure Managed Instance Quickstart

Accelerate your journey to Azure with our Managed Instance Quickstart

Managed Instance SQL Azure

Azure SQL Database Managed Instance is a new deployment option that streamlines the migration of SQL Server workloads to a fully managed database service. Azure Managed Instance provides the control of an IaaS environment and the capability of PaaS without the need for the extensive application re-engineering.


Cloud Decisions SQL Server Azure

Have confidence in your cloud decisions

The Azure Managed Instance Quickstart enables you to test Azure SQL Database Managed Instance with your own environment so you can be confident in your cloud decisions. We’ll highlight any areas for concern upfront and design your fully managed environment to run optimally.

Azure Managed SQL Instance

Maximise your existing technology investments

Make use of what you have. During the Azure Quickstart, we evaluate your organisations ability to leverage the Azure Hybrid Benefit, which allows you to use your existing SQL Server licensing through Software Assurance.

Azure Managed Instance Support

Support for the unsupported

Reinvigorate support for unsupported versions as old as SQL Server 2005 and ensure compatibility regardless of the version. With the Azure Managed Instance, unsupported versions on-premise become supported post cloud migration.

Managed Instance Features

Leverage new features at no additional cost

Make use of new features such as enhanced In-Memory Compression, built-in Advanced Analytics, Adaptive Query Processing and Artificial Intelligence at no additional cost.

Azure Database Managed Instance

Put an end to patching & back ups

With a fully managed service, you can forget about the mundane tasks that often come with running your environment on-premise. Back-ups, patching and other ‘keeping the lights on’ tasks are automated, so you have more time to focus on innovation.

High-Availability Feature Azure Managed Instance

Minimise downtime

Make use of the built-in High Availability by moving to Azure and minimise downtime for your end-users.

What’s included in an Azure Managed Instance Quickstart

Discover | Design | Build | Migrate | Test | Perfect

Get quick, accurate answers to your cloud related questions without breaking the bank.


Our Microsoft certified Data Platform consultants come onsite to obtain an understanding of your environment. We carry out an assessment and planning exercise to help us understand the current state of your server. By the end of this phase, you will have a report detailing your environment including recommendations for consolidation, opportunities for spend reduction and a summary of any potential issues prior to Azure migration.


Using the information obtained in the discovery phase, we produce a detailed design of how your environment would work in Azure. We consider your environments suitability for IaaS, PaaS or Managed Instances, your ability to leverage Azure Hybrid Benefit and Software Assurance and support for applications. This phase maps out your digital transformation journey.

Build, Implement & Migrate

Upon sign off on the detailed design, we build and configure your SQL Server Databases in Azure. On completion of the build, we migrate your existing workloads to Azure SQL Database Managed Instance. By the end of this phase, your environment will be running in Azure ready for testing.

Test & Perfect

Depending on the size of your environment, the testing phase could take anywhere between hours and weeks. During this time, you will have old and new systems running in parallel. Our Microsoft Data Platform consultant will put it through its paces and we recommend you do the same. If room for improvement is identified, we’ll make the necessary changes. Once you’re happy, we decommission the old system.


Azure Managed Instance eBook

An introduction to Azure Managed Instance: a new flexible way to move your database environment to Azure.

Find out for yourself if Azure Managed Instance is the right solution for you and if so, how to take the initial steps towards implementation.

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Introducing Azure SQL Database Managed Instance



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