Azure SQL Database Healthcheck

Have confidence in the cloud with WARDY IT Solutions

Because Azure SQL Database is an enterprise grade platform as a service (PaaS), it’s easy to assume that once your databases are hosted there, they will simply manage themselves.

While Azure PaaS services remove the need for managing infrastructure, operating systems and patching, there are still many gaps that exists in a typical Azure SQL Database deployment. With WARDY IT Solution’s Azure SQL Database Healthcheck, we ensure no gaps exist and your Azure SQL Database is both secure and performing optimally.

The Azure SQL Database Healthcheck is a comprehensive review to ensure Microsoft SQL Server Best Practices are in place, as well as providing recommendations to improve the health and performance of your database environment including:

  • Database Integrity Check
  • Database Configuration and Options
  • Database Recoverability Review
  • Resource utilisation
  • Database Fragmentation and Defragmentation
  • Maintenance Plan and Backup Job Review
  • Security Analysis
  • SQL Query Performance Review
  • Blocking and Deadlock Detection
  • Identify Aged Statistics
  • Database Capacity Review
  • Long Term retention policies

With the option for Deeper Dives into areas such as:

  • Query Execution Plan Analysis
  • Schema, Table and Index Analysis

and where appropriate, our Application Database Review leading into:

  • Defining all Primary Keys and Foreign Key
  • Normalisation and Renormalisation and more…

The Work Plan

At the completion of the Azure SQL Database Healthcheck you will be presented with a comprehensive report documenting the current Azure SQL Database environment as well as the findings, including recommendations of how to improve the overall health. Once this report has been presented, we schedule a time to discuss with you each of the findings and help you to prioritise the actions required to ensure the availability and reliability of your Azure SQL Database.