De-risking database migrations with our Code Migration Tool

Code Migration: Janus

WARDY IT Solutions are experts in SQL Server Database Migrations, having performed hundreds of migrations from numerous different platforms. Migrating from one Data Platform to another can be risky, time consuming, and costly. Our Data Platform Consultants know that some database migrations aren’t straight-forward, requiring extensive code migration that is not feasible to carry out manually.

Virtual DBA Service Q3 2020 Roadmap

virtual dba q3 roadmap

We developed SQL Beacon™ and MyVirtualDBA™ to underpin our world-class team of DBAs who work on shift, 27x7x365 to support our clients. Since implementing the 2019 Q2 roadmap, we’ve been collating feature requests from UserVoice and we are pleased to announce our 2019 Q3 roadmap.

Introducing WARDY IT Solutions’ Learning-as-a-Service Platform

Microsoft Learning-as-a-Service

WARDY IT Solutions is excited to announce our new Learning-as-a-Service platform which brings together Microsoft online courses for busy IT professionals. The courses will be available all the time so you can do any of the course at your own pace.

December 2019 Roundup: New Learning-as-a-Service platform, emergency support this Christmas, Recreo case study

December 2019 SQL Server and Azure Roundup

The festive season is a great opportunity to reflect on the year that was and the changes that have occurred. In the world of technology these changes are occurring at an ever-increasing fast cadence. Over the last few weeks alone, SQL Server 2019 was released along with Azure Synapse Analytics.

Case Study: Recreo launch cloud-based superannuation administration platform with help from WARDY IT Solutions

Recreo Virtual DBA Case Study

Preparing to deploy an entirely new cloud-based platform, one of the first of its kind in Australia, Recreo needed expert DBA assistance to enable them to achieve their goal. WARDY IT Solutions were able to provide the skills and knowledge needed to enable a successful platform launch.

The data explosion: Welcome to the era of analytics

The data explosion: Welcome to the era of analytics

With this glut of data, new analytics and Business Insight (BI) software have been developed to enable businesses to access previously unavailable data. Ten years ago, BI projects garnered little attention and investment compared to other enterprise systems like CRMs.

SQL Server Resource Provider for Azure Virtual Machines

azure virtual machine

Azure provides different options to host your SQL Server workload in the cloud. You can migrate to Azure Managed Instances, Azure SQL Server Database, or you can use Virtual Machines with SQL Server installed (IAAS – Infrastructure as a service option). For SQL Servers installed on Virtual Machines, you can also benefit from the Microsoft Azure Hybrid Benefit for Windows and SQL Server.

November 2019 Roundup: Azure Migration Services, Power BI Performance Tuning, Learning as a Service

November 2019 Roundup: Azure Migration Services, Power BI Performance Tuning, Learning as a Service

Marathon runners often talk about hitting the wall. This is the time when they slow down to a walk with feelings of fatigue and the negativity kicks in due to depleted energy. November is often the time that many people start to experience these feelings in business.