No long-term contracts.

Flexible, scalable pricing.

Plans starting from $1,450

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The Virtual DBA service makes us sleep a lot better at night!
Walter Meerza, IT & Infrastructure Manager, Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance



Our plans are flexible so you can determine how involved you’d like us to be.

We can handle everything from resolving every issue we come across to simply alerting you of problems in your environment.

Depending on the level of support you require, our plans range from as little as $1450/month covering all your servers in a single domain.

24 x 7 x 365

All of our plans include 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring of your SQL Server environment

Choose your level of support:

Level 1

No support, just alert me if something is wrong.

Level 2

Alert me of issues and advise me on how to fix issues when we need it.

Level 3

Advise me on how to resolve any issues and step in to help when we need it.

Level 4

Fix most problems for me and advise me on the best way to resolve any outstanding issues.

Level 5

Fix all problems for me.

Level 6

Take care of everything, make me cups of tea.
You can completely forget about your SQL Server environment. We’ll handle everything from upgrades to licensing.

All plan levels also include:


Priority access to a team of expert DBAs available 24 x 7 x 365

Database backup management

Monitoring of all maintenance jobs

Monitoring and reporting of database errors

Monitor all SQL Server services

Monitor network connectivity to the server

Review Windows Event log for error messages

Check for adequate disk space for growing database files and log files

Review SQL Server logs for error messages

Resolve any assigned issues and document the process

Check physical and logical fragmentation

Monitor unused space from data and log files


Performance monitoring and reporting

Collection of database statistics and growth

Management of index maintenance

Check database statistics

Compare performance statistics with baseline statistics

Monitor Windows and SQL Server counters to ensure optimal performance

Evaluate application and server performance


Daily, weekly and monthly reporting

Capacity planning reporting

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No more 3am wake up calls

Richard Wiltshire, Head of Technology Operations at Cover-More explains how the Virtual DBA service has helped Australia’s leading travel insurance provider become a 24-7 operation

“Virtual DBA and the entire WARDY IT team are part of our team, integral to everything that we do”

Richard Wiltshire / Head of Technology Operations, Cover-More


True 24/7 support without any additional cost


All support is 100% onshore in Australia


Average customer satisfaction rate


Average response is less than 1 minute


Over 30,000 SQL Server databases managed


All team members are Microsoft Certified

45 Petabytes

More than 45 PTb of critical data supported


One-touch resolution is 22.9% higher than industry average


Over 50 people supporting clients

What our customers are saying right now about Virtual DBA

“Alex helped a ton. Without him, our contractor would of not been able to finish his work.”

“I’d like to take the chance to say support was excellent. Dan assisted at very short notice to help us with a major issue in our production database. His response was very fast, accurate and effective. Thanks very much.”

“Thank you Ramesh was very helpful problem was 100% resolved, plus we gained a bit of training.”

“Dan was very good, he emailed me beforehand, called me during the process and then emailed me again once all was finished up.”

“Thank you Sasu for your quick response and job well done!”