A SQL Server Partner You Can Trust

A lot of organisations have recently been making claims about their ability to deliver SQL Server solutions – but can they? Just because a company can spell SQL Server and lists it as a service on their brochures, does it mean they can deliver? Do you really want to trust data which is the second most important asset in your organisation to someone that can only spell SQL Server?

There is a simple way to check accurately what a company can deliver – Microsoft PinPoint. Microsoft Pinpoint allows you to search for all Microsoft Partners and see just how qualified they are to manage your SQL Server environment. Microsoft Pinpoint is a site maintained by Microsoft to verify the competency of the partners you engage.

WARDY IT Solutions is proud to be the largest company in Australia that specialises in SQL Server with a team of 19 SQL Server specialists who are all Microsoft Certified consultants. Being founded over 6 years ago, WARDY IT Solutions success is through our ability to continually deliver an unmatched level of service and solve the challenges of dealing with the largest SQL Server sites in Australasia. We have achieved Gold status in the Data Platform and Business Intelligence competency in the Microsoft Partner Network and all of this information can be found on the Microsoft Pinpoint site. Can a competitor offer you this same assurance?

Next time you are looking for a SQL Server consultant that can deliver, why not check their credentials first on Microsoft PinPoint.